Aravali Onyx –  An Opulent Alternative For Marble and Granite

Aravali onyx marble, a natural stone known for its chic appearance that fascinates the beholder. Onyx exporters report that the demand for this stone for architecture and sculpture is humongous. Its low refractive index allows the light to penetrate deeper into the marble, giving it a glossy and sleek appearance.

Formation and Extraction: Lady Onyx is a natural metamorphic rock. It is formed underground due to the crystallisation of limestone or dolomite.

Once the quarrying site is located, the extraction of Aravali Onyx includes the following process. At first, the bench wall is created to extract the stone and form a vertical plane. It involved the use of synthetic diamond wires.

At this stage, the quarried marble has drilled holes that connect it to a machine, which maintains tension on the wire while slicing the marble. Later, the onyx manufacturers use resin to fill the cracks to recreate a flawless surface.

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Aravali Onyx Marble is Popularly Known By

Aravali Onyx is a white base of Indian marble with green and pink swirls spread throughout. Hence, it is also known as green or pink onyx marble.

The term “Onyx” is derived from Roman mythology referring to “the Goddess of Beauty.” Thus, the Onyx manufacturers in Udaipur assure that it has an innate ability to enhance the beauty of any space. So, it is a perfect stone for various home applications.

Available In The Following Sizes

Due to its varied application, you can find Aravali Onyx in the form of tiles, blocks, and slabs. You can get them in customized sizes from the Aravali Onyx manufacturers in Udaipur.

You can also buy their prefabricated blocks having 330 × 220 × 220 cm dimensions.
Aravali minerals tiles are available in 305 × 305 × 10mm / 3.5 × 610 × 10mm / 457 × 457 × 12mm
Random slabs of up to 300 × 200cm dimensions are also available.

Specifications Available

Aravali Onyx manufacturers make it available in various finishes like polished, unpolished, honed, and antique as per your demands. Its chemical composition includes SiO2, CaO, MgO, Fe2O3, MgO, TiO2, Al2O3.

Physical Properties

Compressive Strength 480 kg F/cm2
Modulus of Rupture 207 kg F/cm2
Specific Gravity 2.78
Water Absorption 0.06
Thickness 1.0cm /1.5cm /1.8cm /2.0cm /3.0cm /4.0cm/ and above
Colors Pink, White, and Green

Application Areas of Aravali Onyx Marble

Onyx manufacturers in Udaipur recommend its varied application because of its eye-catching look, sleek surface, and fine finishing to embellish the interior and exterior spaces. The renowned onyx exporters say that customers from all over the world appreciate the Aravali marbles. Its characteristic properties like unmatched durability and water & grease resistance make Aravali onyx a perfect marble for
  1. Kitchen Countertops
  2. Fireplaces
  3. Vanity Tops
  4. Basins
Besides, you can also get them as customized tiles from onyx manufacturers to install them as wall claddings or backsplashes. It imparts an elegant yet subtle artistic look to the interiors. Moreover, onyx manufacturers recommend it for outdoors as well. People prefer its application around fountains in the garden or even in the steps & risers, or entryways. Aravali onyx is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes, be it your hospital, airports, residential apartments or buildings. Besides this, the Aravali Minerals is also known as soapstone and dolomite manufacturers or marble & granite exporters. We, as a leading onyx manufacturer in Udaipur are working on a mission of satisfying customers globally. Also, exports quality marbles, lady onyx, quartz, soapstone powder, and dolomite to various countries. Furthermore, our business extends to the USA, China, Korea, Vietnam, Europe, Egypt, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Contact us to get the best quotation for onyx.

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