Soap Industry

Dolomite powder is used in various industries, including the soap industry. At Aravali Onyx, we produce multiple types of Dolomite Powder to use in the soap and detergent manufacturing industries. Dolomite is typically a finely grained and thoroughly processed powder prepared into calcium or magnesium capsules or antacids for human consumption. It is a Limestone that is high in magnesium and calcium carbonate. It also contains trace amounts of a few other minerals. Dolomite powder in soap industry is used to increase the overall weight and whiteness of the material. Nowadays, every soap and detergent company uses dolomite powder to produce their products. Aravali Onyx makes high-quality dolomite powder in various sizes, including 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh, and 500 mesh. In the soap industry, companies typically use Dolomite powder with a mesh of 200, which provides the product with optimal whiteness.

What makes Dolomite Powder in Soap Industry Effective to Use?

Why Aravali Onyx for Dolomite Powder in Soap Industry?

Being a pioneer in the mineral industry we supply Dolomite powder across India. Aravali Onyx manufactures the highest quality Dolomite powder in soap industry. This grade has a whiteness of up to 98 percent. Being one of India’s leading Dolomite Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers,  our Dolomite Powder grades are 200 Mesh, 300 Mesh, 500 Mesh, 20 Microns, and 10 Microns. Our manufacturing facilities are located in a highly strategic region regarding raw material availability, skilled workforce, and logistics, allowing us to maintain low infrastructure and supply chain costs while maintaining the utmost quality in the products, making us more competitive. Our Efficient modern infrastructure and efficient supply have enabled us to deliver orders on time and have reduced delivery lead time.  Contact us to enquire about our range of dolomite powder available for bulk export.

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