Soapstone Powder in plastic industry

Soapstone Powder in plastic industry is widely used in producing HDPE, PP, LDPE, PVC, ABS, and thermosetting compounds. It is regarded as one of the best fillers due to its blending properties and thermal and electrical resistance. It also gives the plastic surface a smooth feel. It is generally chemically inert, and its electrical and thermal resistance imparts stiffness, hardness, and tensile strength to plastic products. Soapstone Powder is a soft mineral with a greasy feel that occurs as translucent masses or laminates and is composed of hydrated magnesium silicate. It is the soft mineral available on the planet and steatite is another name for it. Aravali Onyx is a renowned mineral supplier and is a leading manufacturer of Soapstone Powder in India.

What makes Soapstone Powder effective to use in the Plastic Industry?

Why Aravali Onyx for Soapstone Powder in Plastic Industry?

With our experts, At Aravali Onyx, we offer a wide range of Soapstone Powder and made from high-quality raw materials. The soapstone powders are used in various industrial applications, including the plastics industry. Its Talc Powder is Applied in Plastic Filler Masterbatch. It has high usage because of its blending properties and thermal and electrical resistance, it is considered an excellent filler. Contact us today to order!