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Prime Manufacturer of Best Quality Soapstone

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock that is widely known for various commercial applications. It serves as a raw material for the paint industry, paper industry, cosmetics, ceramics, etc. Such industry giants can only rely on harder grades of soapstone for their further production.

This is where Aravali Onyx comes into the picture. Aravali Minerals is the pioneer group of soapstone manufacturers and exporters in India. Besides manufacturing top-quality soapstone powder, we are striving to maintain our leadership as we are providing tailored services to our customers.

Moreover, Aravali Minerals is the only group that owns the largest soapstone powder mine in India.

Soapstone Talc Powder

What is Soapstone Powder?

Soapstone powder is a naturally occurring magnesium-rich mineral. It is also known as talc or steatite and is denoted by a chemical formula: H2Mg3(SiO3)4, i.e., hydrated magnesium silicate.

This unique mineral forms under the earth’s surface where the tectonic plates are subducted. Despite being particularly dense, soapstone is easy to carve.

So, quarrying it from an outcrop is done manually using quartzite tools. Later, the white, grey, or pale green mineral is crushed to form lumps and powder.

Features and Specifications of Aravali Minerals- Soapstone



Very little Chemical reactivity SiO2 - 58.50%
Lost Cost & No adulterants CaO - 0.50%
Processed with extreme care MgO2 - 33.50%
Insoluble in water MgO3Si- 92.00%

Properties of Talc Powder

Uses & Applications of Soapstone Powder

Plastic Industry

Plastic Industry

Every dolomite manufacturer supplies dolomite powder to the soap and detergent industry. It is an ideal base filler for detergents and soaps to change their consistency. Further helps the soaps to disperse evenly and enhances their solubility.

Ceramic Industry


Talc is also used as a low-cost filler in manufacturing ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, porcelain, etc. Also, it serves as a non-plastic ceramic material.

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Paints and Coating Industries

Our best-quality talc powder has made us a leading paint industry mineral supplier. Our soapstone powder is renowned for its brightness and whiteness and hence acts as a raw material for the paint industry.

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Soapstone powder is used as a raw material for the cosmetics industry due to its anti-bacterial, non-allergic, and non-irritant properties. It also has oil absorption properties which provide a matte effect on the skin.

Animal Feed and Nutrition

Animal Feed and Nutrition

Besides being a filler, talc powder also acts as an anti-caking agent. It prevents the animal feed from forming lumps and improves its flow and dispersion. So, soapstone powder is an ideal additive and filler for animal feeds.

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Other Industry

Aravali Minerals also supplies talc to the construction industry for soapstone slabs manufacturing and to the pharmaceutical industry. Its uses are also popular in the paper, agriculture, and the glass industry.

Rubber Industries

Rubber Industries

In the rubber industry, soapstone powder acts as a compounding material and lubricant to prevent the sticking of rubber molds.

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