Soapstone Powder for Nutrition Industry

Soapstone Powder for Animal feed or for the nutrition industry is one of the most important minerals available for many industrial applications. Talc Powder has a greasy or soapy feel, and the pure one is extremely soft. Because of its natural and chemical properties, Soapstone Powder is widely used as a filler and extender in various industrial applications. Our Soapstone Powder For Animal Feed is in high demand in the market. It is recommended to use a magnesium supplement to increase muscle build-up and formation. Reduces gastric acidity, aids in lipid digestion, and acts as a lipid carrier in animal feed formulations. Talc’s hydrophobic nature aids in the formation of barrier properties and the extension of feed shelf life. There are significant advantages over calcium carbonate in feed formulations. Know more about the benefits of soapstone powder at Aravali Onyx. We are the leading manufacturers of soapstone slabs and deal in producing high-quality soapstone powder for nutrition industry and animal feed. Other than animal feed, there are various applications of Soapstone Powder in Agricultural Industries also, check those in this deatlied blog.

What makes Soapstone Powder For Nutrition Industry and Animal Feed?Effective?

Why Aravali Onyx is Preference For Soapstone Powder For Nutrition Industry and Animal Feed?

Because of its inertness, Soapstone Powder is available in a disinfectant grade, making it an ideal filler. Soapstone powder for nutrition industry animal feed is well-known in the market for its applications and uses. This Powder has a very soft and soapy feel and high brightness. It has many advantages, including high efficacy, long shelf life, stability, accurate PH value, etc. Aravali Onyx is India’s leading manufacturer of soapstone powder. We manufacture high-quality minerals, which are also used as gliders to manage the flow of Powder and as tableting lubricants. We serve the pharma industry with sterilized grade Soapstone Powder to remove impurities. Contact us today to order!