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Aravali Onyx aims at delivering world-class quality stones. Our values make us the leading marble and granite exporters. Also, motivates us to establish a long-lasting business relationship with customers.onyx



Aravali operates in diverse environments successfully and invariably adapt to the new technologies and complexities in different spheres of work.



All the employees of Aravali are engaged in their respective tasks with a strong sense of reliability, enabling a sense of responsibility for their tasks and actions.



Timely training to our staff and employees in order to equip themselves with ability and competence to carry out their tasks and respond to diverse work situations.

SINCE 1975


Aravali Group is designed to elevate blank spaces into spectacular designs through our world-class stones. We were born out of a simple desire to serve people, then magnified our horizons to deliver quality and class. Aravali Onyx is a pioneer onyx manufacturer that also deals in supplying Soapstone, Dolomite,  Marble and Granite and is known as the top marble manufacturer. It has established a strong network worldwide by delivering high-quality products and making a substantial difference in the lives of people.

Distinguishing Features of Aravali Onyx

Biggest Marble Mines in India
The Aravali Group owns the biggest Marble Mines in India and is renowned as the largest onyx manufacturers.
Located in the State of Stone
Fortunately, Aravali Group mines are located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, where onyx, marble and granite stones are procured in large quantities to be supplied further to the consumers. Amidst this, Rajasthan is known as the largest producer of Soapstone and Dolomite.
Uses State-of-Art Technologies
We follow extensive management techniques to extract Onyx, marbles, granites, soapstone & dolomite like wireless technology, hotlines, costing systems, and computerized MIS to reduce administrative and infrastructure costs.

Aravali Group Product Range

Aravali is a pioneer in the manufacturing of onyx, marbles, granites, soapstone and dolomite. Aravali Marble is the most sought-after marble preferred by architects and interior designers. Our stone collection is loved by engineers, builders and thus it is preferred to place in both commercial and residential sector.

Learn About Aravali Onyx Manufacturers

Aravali Onyx

Largest Onyx Mines
Aravali owns the largest reserves of onyx marble mines located across India

Translucent & Durable
The unique gesture of Aravali is that it is translucent, durable, and comes in a variety of gradients and textures.

Stain Resistant
It is resistant to stains and so enrich the appearance of house floors, kitchens, and washrooms


Aravali Onyx At A Glance

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