Soapstone Powder for Rubber Industry

Soapstone Powder in Rubber Industry is used as a hydrated magnesium silicate mineral with the chemical formula H2Mg3(SiO3)4 or Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. The powder is obtained through the best grinding process and is delivered in secure packaging. It is the widely used substance known as talcum powder in its loose form. Talc or Soapstone Powder in rubber industry is used for two purposes. The first is as a compounding material in the preparation of certain types of hard rubber, and the second is as a lubricant to keep rubber molds from sticking. At Aravali Onyx, we specialize in providing high-quality Talc Powder/Soapstone Powder and are known as the leading manufacturer of soapstone powder and soapstone slabs. We process powders using high-quality raw materials and a well-trained research team. To know more about Aravali Onyx’s soapstone powder, check this detailed blog on soapstone and know some interesting facts about it.

What makes Soapstone Powder in Rubber Industry Effective to Use?

Why Aravali Onyx for Soapstone Powder in Rubber Industry?

Soapstone Powder imparts stiffness, hardness, and tensile strength to rubber products thereby improve the quality of their surfaces, and provides electrical, chemical, and thermal resistance due to its chemical inertness. Soapstone powder from Aravali Onyx improves the compound’s performance properties. It has higher stiffness and creeps resistance at both low and high temperatures. Because of our superior quality, durability, and dependability, we are a well-known and are the top manufacturer and supplier of Soapstone powder in rubber industry. Contact us today to order!