Soapstone Powder in ceramic Industry

Soapstone powder in the ceramic industry is frequently used in automotive exhaust catalytic converters. Honeycomb cordierite Ceramic bodies are used in these. The ceramic body serves as a substrate for the active catalyst, typically a platinum compound. The production of cordierite honeycomb structures aims for high porosity (surface area) while maintaining the mechanical strength of thin walls with a low heat expansion coefficient. This is critical for temperature change resistance and fracture resistance. Honeycomb ceramics necessitate highly specialized talc grades that meet a unique set of specifications. In the ceramic industry, talc powder is completely grained. It is essential for the production of cordierite, steatites, and porcelain. It is also used as an additive in the floor and wall tiles, tableware, sanitary ware, and various other products. Aravali minerals offer high-quality Soapstone Powder in Ceramic Industry. Our Company is a leading manufacturer of soapstone powder and soapstone slabs, primarily manufacturers  80-93 percent whiteness and 200-300 Mesh sizes. 

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What makes Soapstone Powder effective to use in the Ceramic Industry?

Why Aravali Onyx for Soapstone Powder in Ceramic Industry?

Soapstone powder is a Hydrated Magnesium Silicate with several properties that make it one of the most useful products in industrial applications. It is also one of the softest minerals with a distinctive soapy feel, making it a multifunctional pigment, filler, and extender in ceramic applications. Aravali Onyx is a prominent supplier of Soapstone Powder in India, and a leading manufacturer committed to providing the highest quality Soapstone powder and to all of our valued clients by utilizing advanced technology machines. Our clients can obtain soapstone powder at the most competitive market prices. Other properties include high lubricating power, absorbing specific oils and grease, and more. Contact us today to order!