Soapstone Powder in other industry

Soapstone Powder in other industry act as a natural mineral that requires constant monitoring and pre-processing to ensure a consistent end product. It’s becoming more common in HDPE, PP, LDPE, PVC, ABS, and thermosetting compounds. Because of its blending properties and thermal and electrical resistance, it is an excellent filler. It has no chemical properties. It gives the plastic surface a smooth look and feel. It imparts stiffness, hardness, and tensile strength to plastic products, improving the quality of their surfaces. Apart from the applications above, Soapstone Powder is also widely used in the manufacture of toilet soap, cosmetic industries in baby talc powder, detergent manufacturing, dal mills, textile, printing ink, rubber industry, and as a filler raw material. Know more about the application of soapstone powder, and some interesting facts about it in this detailed blog.

What makes Soapstone Powder in Other Industry Effective to Use?

Why Aravali Onyx for Soapstone Powder in Other Industry?

Aravali Onyx is a leading manufacturer of Soapstone Powder and Soapstone slabs and aims at delivering high-quality products to our customers, which are used as an important industrial mineral. The composition is determined by the parent rock material and the metamorphic environment’s temperature/pressure conditions. As a result, the physical properties of soapstone can differ between quarries and even within a single rock unit. Soapstone Powder in other industry when used is free of impurities and has indigenous qualities. It is a key raw material in talc production in the cosmetic industry and is also utilized in rubber, paper, plastic, and other related industries. Our unit is well supported by a professional team, which is capable of meeting the challenges of our domain. Our dedication to quality and on-time delivery has helped us build a large clientele in domestic and international markets. Contact us today to order!