Dolomite Powder For Glass Industries

Dolomite is a calcium and magnesium carbonate (CaCO3, MgCO3) composition and is an extremely useful mineral in the glass industry because CaO and MgO act as network modifiers in the glass manufacturing process. They disrupt the network of glass-forming oxides such as SiO2. The viscosity and melting point of the glass-forming oxide decrease as the network is disrupted. Furthermore, the concentration and composition of network modifiers can influence glass transition temperature, density, rigidity, durability, and dimension stability. The Dolomite powder for Glass Industry requires high-grade dolomite with as little iron and silica as possible. The purity and consistency of glass-grade dolomite distinguish it. Aravali Onyx is a leading manufacturer of dolomite powder and provides premium-grade dolomite powder while maintaining purity and consistency, which is critical for the Glass industry to maintain uniformity in structure, color (or lack thereof), and diaphaneity.

What makes Dolomite Powder For Glass Industry Effective to Use?

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Why Aravali Onyx for Dolomite Powder For Glass Industry?

Lime (CaO) and Magnesia are both required to produce sheet glass (MgO). While both elements improve glass durability, magnesium, in particular, reduces undesired devitrification during the manufacturing process. Because Dolomite contains both Lime and Magnesia, it is regarded as an excellent source of these elements for glassmaking. Aravali Group of Industries has decades of experience in the production, manufacturing, and distribution of Dolomite Powder. As a result, we know what grade and micronization of Dolomite Powder is appropriate to use in the Glass industry. Furthermore, we have strategic connections with multiple mining zones and extensive experience sourcing the highest quality Dolomite powder for glass industry in form of lumps also for any specific use. 

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