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 Applications of Dolomite Powder in Various Industries

Applications of Dolomite Powder in Various Industries

Dolomite Powder is not a new name in today’s world. People are familiar with the immense line of usage of dolomite powder. A large number of industries are dependent on dolomite for manufacturing their goods and products. Among all, Aravali Onyx is famous for offering quality products including dolomite that suits the best all industrial applications whether it be agricultural or product-based. 

What is Dolomite Powder?

Dolomite is a chemical compound that includes manganese dolomite and iron dolomite. It is pure white in colour and has stable chemical properties. Dolomite in powder carbonate mineral is a type of limestone. It is used in various categories like building materials, glass, and ceramics, agriculture, cement manufacturing, mining, etc. Know more about Dolomite Powder by Aravali here.

Dolomite Powder

Dolomite Powder Industrial Applications

Dolomite in powder form has wide areas of application at home as well as in industries. Some of the top uses of dolomite are shared in this blog.

1. Manufacturing steel

A majority portion of dolomite produced worldwide goes to manufacturing iron and steel. Dolomite in powder form is used as a slag flux in manufacturing metal alloys. Calcium and magnesium are two of the basic components of dolomite which help in the manufacturing of steel. Know in detail about applications of dolomite in the iron and steel industry, detailed in this blog.

2. Cement Industry

Since dolomite is rich in properties like high-density ratio and high surface hardness. It is also used as a filler as it is a hard and strong chemical. Along with that, dolomite is also used in paints and putty because of its behavior with water.

3. Glass Industry

The rich components of dolomite including lime and magnesia make an increase in the usefulness of dolomite powder in the glass industry. Dolomite is one of the best Aravali minerals that helps in strengthening glass products. It provides glass stability and makes it stronger.

4. Ceramics

Dolomite has an after-burning whiteness effect which makes it one of the best chemicals in ceramics manufacturing. Its qualities like purity and quality make it more important in the ceramics industry.

5. Mining

Dolomite can be used as a flux in blast furnaces. Also, being a source of magnesium metal and magnesia is an important component in mining.

6. Rubber industry

Dolomite helps in increasing the volume of rubber. It helps in adjusting the softness and hardness of manufactured rubber.

7. Agriculture

Dolomite powder has twofold benefits in the agricultural industry. On the one hand, it helps in maintaining the pH in soils that are acidic as it acts as a soil neutralizer, and on the other hand, it helps as a fertilizer in soils that lack magnesium content.

Features and Chemical Properties Dolomite Possesses

Dolomite powder from Aravali Onyx has a wide variety of features and chemical properties. It is highly effective and works best for all industrial applications. We offer dolomite powder which is free from impurities.

A number of chemicals are a part of dolomite powder among which CaO possesses 30% of the total proportions. Other chemicals include:

  • MgO Min 20%
  • SiO2+ AL2O3 Max. 4%
  • Na2O + K2O Max. 0.02%
  • Size 100 – 1000 Mesh
  • Moisture Max 2%
  • Packing Type 25 kgs – 1 Ton

Are you looking for a dolomite supplier? We have got your back! Aravali Onyx is a leading producer of minerals like dolomite. Other than that, we also excel in manufacturing sandstones, onyx, marbles, and granites. Our clients praise us for quality products. Also, dolomite is one of the most loved and frequently bought products from the store of Aravali Onyx. With years of experience in the industry, we wish to bring the best minerals to you. Place your orders for bulk are accepted!

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