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 Applications of Soapstone Powder in Agricultural Industries

Applications of Soapstone Powder in Agricultural Industries

Here is a description of the properties soapstone powder possesses that make it useful in the Agricultural Industry.

  1. Anti-caking agent obstructing the formation of Crystal Bridge

Soapstone powder is a hydrophobic compound that helps prevent the caking of fertilizers. These crystal bridges often form due to the presence of salt solution. It causes stickiness and lump formation while packing and storing.

Caking, if not handled on time, reduces the quality of fertilizers. It further reduces its selling cost and is a huge loss for manufacturers. However, soapstone repels water and, thus, when used in fertilizer formulation, it prevents lumps and stickiness. Aravali Minerals manufacture the best quality talc powder used as an anti-caking agent in fertilizers. 

2. As Die lubricant it makes the product

Soapstone Powder in the agricultural industry serves as a die lubricant due to its soft and soapy texture. Talc also processes the formulation of high sugar, mineral, and fiber. It is also an affordable feed pill’s die lubricant. 

It enhances the functioning of animal feed and does not agitate the veracity of pellets. It is also used to prevent agricultural machinery from getting wet. Thus, it improves the functioning of the fertilizer plant by enhancing machinery efficiency.

Soapstone Powder for manufacturing fertilizer
  1. As a Flow agent- Offers free flow features.

Soapstone powder has a platy structure. When it is combined in any mixture, it acts as a firm coat to the other particles. So, talc is used as a glider surface to cover surface irregularities and eliminate inter-particular friction. 

The lamellar structure of soapstone improves the powder flow. This convenient flow feature of talc in fertilizer helps in its appropriate dispersion. In this way, it acts as a flow agent in agriculture.

  1. As an inert carrier

It supports non-reacting ability and stops the lump formation of products. The soapstone powder is chemically and physically inert. Unlike hydrophilic minerals, it does not interfere with any agricultural chemicals or premixes. 

Additionally, talc improves the powder flow. Thus, it is used as an efficient carrier for animal feed, pesticides, or insecticides. Aravali Minerals manufactures talc powder with utmost precautions to make it an effective carrier in making various agricultural products. 

Get the Best Soapstone Powder for Agriculture at Aravali Onyx

Considering the various applications of soapstone powder in the agricultural industry, it must be of top-notch quality. To facilitate various agricultural activities most appropriately, agriculturists can rely on Aravali Onyx. 

Our talc powder has a precise composition and pH suitable for agriculural activities.From quality to the affordability, everything remains under control to keep the clients of Aravali Onyx happy. So, if you want to get the best fertilizer-grade talc powder to process agriculture activities, get in touch with us. 

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