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Dolomite Powder in rubber industries is a limestone powder that contains 100 percent CaCO3 and MgCO3, with the proportion varying depending on the mining zone.  It is pure white; water-insoluble has a relative density of 2.5, stable chemical properties, and a slippery feel. When used as a plastic filler, Dolomite powder can improve the product’s hardness, electrical insulation, fire resistance, acid, alkali resistance, and dimensional stability. When Dolomite powder in rubber industry is used in increasing the volume, improve the processability, act as a semi-reinforcement or reinforcement, and adjust the hardness of the rubber. Aravali Onyx is a well-known and prominent exporter, supplier, and manufacturer of Dolomite Powder in India which is effectively supplied in the rubber industry.

What makes Dolomite Powder In Rubber Industry Effective to Use?

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Why Aravali Onyx for Dolomite Powder in Rubber Industry?

Dolomite powder is well-known for its dispersion, purity, and precise composition. We are one of the leading companies offering the best-in-class collection of Dolomite Powder in Rubber Industry, at Aravali Onyx. This double carbonate mineral contains magnesium and calcium ions in an alternating structural arrangement. A thermoplastic additive also serves as a hardening agent in the rubber industry. Contact us to enquire about our range of dolomite powder available for bulk export.

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