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 The Elegant Aravali Pink Onyx: Uses & Its Applications

The Elegant Aravali Pink Onyx: Uses & Its Applications

Pink onyx is changing people’s perspectives on marbles over time. Nowadays everyone wishes for a grand space shining with the gradience of onyx. What adds up to the spark is the elegance that Pink Onyx offers. No one can deny the eye-soothing effect of this marble. Its increased demand in the market, in turn, has increased production and sales which have potentially increased the number of sellers in the market. Amid this, when it comes to choosing one for ourselves, we wish to opt for the best in the given choices. Well, Aravali Onyx sorts it out for you. While looking for good quality pink onyx that too at an affordable price, one place you need to look forward to is the Aravali Onyx.

What is Aravali Pink Known for?

Aravali is one of the famous Onyx manufacturers in Udaipur and around. Aravali Pink is the pink onyx stone from our company. The stone is famous for its durability, strength, and quality. Additionally, Aravali Pink is the epitome of the stamp of trust that we have established over the years. Other than Onyx we are also known as the leading exporters of Soapstone, Dolomite, Marbles, and Granite. 

Specifications Of Pink Onyx Stone

Describing the specifications of Pink Onyx Stone has no limits. From being translucent to being super luxurious, Pink Onyx Stone fits best for all your demands. Some of the top specifications that’ll blow your mind off are mentioned below. 

Pink Fantasy Onyx Stone

1. Durability

When one invests a bulk of their penny on home decor, durability is a key aspect he looks for. But, when you are with pink onyx marble, the durability is never in doubt. A premium quality pink onyx can have durability for a lifetime.

2. Lightweight

You would wonder how Aravali Onyx is way lighter in weight than other natural stones including granite. This makes Aravali Pink an easily available option for countertops and tabletops.

3. Affordability

When compared to some immensely costly stones, the Aravali Onyx turns out to be an affordable option to choose.  

4. Easy repair

When said repair, Aravali Onyx has very low chances of getting damaged. Though in case the misery happens, Pink Onyx is easily repairable with negligible expenses.

5. Boon for spirituals

Well, spirituality says a lot about onyx. Many people find using Pink Onyx in their home decor to be a way of fulfilling their spiritual demands as it’s said that onyx is a stone that gives strength. If you are the next spiritual reading the blog, do take out time to visit our amazing set of collections of Pink Onyx for your home decor.

Application Areas

It’s incredible to find a range of application areas of Pink Onyx. Its specialties make it an even more versatile stone to use in home decor. 

  • Aravali Onyx is mostly used as countertops in the kitchen.
  • Pink Onyx when used as vanity tops and basins in the washrooms take elegance to the next level.
  • The texture and luxury it offers make it good to use for flooring. People generally mix and match different styles of Pink Onyx for the flooring of their restrooms and even for their living space.
  • Kitchen backsplashes are one of the eminent ways of making the best out of Aravali pink.
  • People also show interest in using Pink Onyx in the accent walls of their bedroom and living room.
  • One of the best applications of Pink Onyx is the fireplaces. This makes the place look even more luxurious and aesthetic. 
  • Being translucent and light in weight makes Aravali Pink one of the most used stones for tabletops. 

Places Where Pink Onyx Marble is Applicable 

It would amaze you that Aravali Pink is a popular decor and flooring stone used in a variety of spaces. They are used in industrial offices, corporate areas, hotels, farmhouses, flooring in houses, and the list goes on. 
If you are willing to Know More About Aravali Onyx Stone, read this blog in detail which will take your home decor to the next level of beauty and perfection. Do check out the collection of Pink Onyx from our store- Aravali Onyx.

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