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 All You Need to Know About Aravali Onyx Stone

All You Need to Know About Aravali Onyx Stone

A glance at Aravali Onyx
Have you ever visited a place so beautiful that you couldn’t stop praising its architect or designer? Do you want to leave the same impact each time someone visits your home? If yes, Aravali Onyx is your go-to stone for creating that captivating aesthetic, which your guest couldn’t take their eyes off of. 

In Roman mythology, “onyx” means “the Goddess of beauty”, and this stone is named after it. Well, Aravali onyx is a natural metamorphic rock formed by the crystallization of limestone or dolomite. It comes in various elegant colours, patterns, and textures that instantly uplift the overall look of a place. More than anything else, the translucent appearance of onyx stone provides it with an exotic look that makes it one of a kind. Explore the wide colors of Aravali Onyx and know how it can transform the look of your space easily.

How is Aravali Onyx Different from Marble

As far as the composition is concerned, It shares similarities with the marble. Hence, the onyx manufacturers also refer to it as the sibling of the marble. So, what’s the difference? 

According to onyx manufacturers in Udaipur, the lack of opacity and low refractive index that allows penetration of light through it makes it a more creative choice than marble. Also, unlike marble, you can find stunning patterns and unique veinings in each onyx slab.

Further, the light-coloured translucent minerals in onyx stone offer an impressive and elegant outlook. The onyx exporters praise the stone for its ability to leave a luxurious feel. Though onyx stone is durable and lightweight, it still demands more care and attention than marble or other natural stones. 

Types of Onyx Marble Available with Aravali Group

Being one of the leading onyx manufacturers in Udaipur, we have a remarkable array of Aravali Onyx stones. Here is a glimpse of what you can find in our selection. 

1. White Fantasy Onyx

This onyx stone comes in a pale green background interfered with intense gold and red waves. It reflects serenity that makes the interior decor even more appealing. Thus, the onyx manufacturers receive its demand from all around the world. 

2. Aravali White

Among all the Aravali onyx stones, Aravali white is an elite marble that delivers a spiritual and positive ambiance. White onyx is known for its clean and pure colour due to the absence of iron content. Also, it is a more versatile choice than any other marble. 

Aravali White Onyx Stone

3. Aravali Green 

A light-green shade accented with gold and white veinings makes Aravali Green a sophisticated stone. Onyx manufacturers in Udaipur recommend this category to add a lively atmosphere to your living spaces.

4. Aravali Pink

One of the most trending and classic Onyx stones comes in a light pink shade and white-cloudy appearance, hence the name. As one of the pioneer onyx exporters, we only supply quality Aravali Pink stone with customized finishes. Also, it adds a refreshing and gorgeous look that instantly upgrades your living space. 

5. Pink Fantasy

The onyx exporters always remain in high demand due to variants like Pink Fantasy. It features random pink and green swirls all over the marble surface. Besides interiors, Pink Fantasy onyx is also an incredible pick for outdoors around fountains in the garden.

Pink Fantasy Onyx Stone

6. Aravali Rosa

Aravali Rosa is one of the onyx marbles that add a touch of modernized aesthetics to your home. It is one of the exclusive collections of Onyx manufacturers in Udaipur that involves unique handcrafted carvings.

Areas Where Aravali Onyx Can Be Applicable

Aravali Onyx lists among the most versatile construction stones with astounding patterns and colours. 

1. Kitchen Countertops

Aravali onyx makes practical kitchen countertops due to their stain and grease resistance. Its beautiful and distinctive features impart a classy vibe to your kitchen decor. 

2. Bathroom Vanity Tops

Onyx exporters also get huge demand for this stone for vanity tops, showers, or wall claddings in the restrooms. Its water resistance and low maintenance make it a perfect fit for such settings. 

3. Fireplaces

Its sophisticated texture and lavish look add a class to any place. Also, Aravali Onyx is a heat-resistant stone that can enhance the aesthetics of your fireplace surround. So, here also it remains in high demand.

Further, you can install onyx marbles as wall cladding, staircase, flooring, etc. It is also a remarkable choice for commercial places like hotels, offices, or airports to create fascinating impressions. 

Get Aravali Onyx Only At Aravali Group

Creating a mesmerizing and creative decor is now possible with the Aravali Onyx collection at Aravali Group. The flawlessness and versatility of this stone make all the difference. Also, the variety that we offer has something for every taste. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Aravali Onyx Group today to get your desired interior or exterior design.

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