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 Get the Finest Quality of French Cosmetic Talc Powder

Get the Finest Quality of French Cosmetic Talc Powder

Talc powder is made from soapstone and dolomite and is used in various Industries. The French cosmetic talc powder is most commonly used in summers to avoid body rashes and control body odor. 

Since soapstone talc powder is applied to the skin, its quality must not be compromised. The cosmetics industry must choose reliable dolomite manufacturers like Aravali Onyx for safe and non-allergic product launches. 

It includes- an absence of carcinogenic minerals, more than 90% talc purity, and low levels of toxic elements. Suitable compositional levels of Al, Mg, and Ca are also essential while manufacturing talc for cosmetic supplies. 

If you want to ensure that your body remains safe in harsh summers, you need the finest quality of french cosmetic talc powder.

French Talc Powder

Top Industries using Soapstone Powder for Cosmetic Talc Powder 

Cosmetic Talc is most commonly supplied to these industries to produce Talcum powder, which we use in summers.

Johnson’s Baby

As soon as one thinks of baby products, Johnson’s is the first brand that strikes anyone’s mind. They have earned the trust of mothers by providing 100% gentle baby products for more than 125 years now. Their cosmetic talc is clinically safe for a baby’s delicate skin.

Lotus Herbals Baby+

Another brand known for its skin-friendly cosmetics is Lotus Herbal Baby+. Their baby powder is 100% free of cosmetic talc. Their “No Talc” formulation keeps the skin rash-free and soft all day long. It doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrance or color, or toxic elements. 


Nivea India also makes skincare products using soapstone powder, calcium carbonate, and other elements. Their talcum powder is unisex and provides a flowery fragrance. Using the raw material from trusted dolomite manufacturers helps make safe and long-lasting products. 


Axe is a popular brand for men’s grooming products. Their cosmetic talc powder is pure, musky, and fresh, which adds an irresistible factor. Its composition also contains magnesium silicate and calcium carbonate found in soapstone slabs. It keeps your body away from excess oil, sweat, and odor. Moreover, it provides deodorant-like benefits and is thus perfect for beating the summer blues.

Yardley London India

Yardley London India cosmetic talc powder contains super fine talc as the main ingredient. It is supplied only by top soapstone or dolomite manufacturers. This brand manufactures talcum powder for both men and women. You can find an array of powder containing extracts from different flowers like rose, lavender, morning blossom, etc. Men’s collection also includes Arthur and Equity which keep you fresh and active. 

Emami Limited

Emami Ltd. offers a wide range of grooming products. Their cosmetic talc powder contains the freshness and fragrance of six ancient French herbs. Its effects on the skin are no less than a long-lasting perfume. Both men and women can use it and experience its skin-soothing effects.

Wild Stone

If you’re looking for a product with an ultra-masculine fragrance in the form of a cosmetic talc powder, the Wild Stone is your go-to brand. The main ingredients used in the Wild Stone are soapstone powder, Calcium Carbonate, Fragrance, and Dipropylene Glycol. 

Pond’s India

Pond’s is India’s top brand, manufacturing cosmetic talc powder, face cream, body lotion, etc. Their body powder contains the finest quality talc by the trusted group of dolomite manufacturers. It checks the body’s odor and keeps the skin invigorated to survive the harsh and humid summers.  

Himalaya Babycare

Himalaya babycare range also offers a cosmetic talc powder formulated keeping the baby’s skin in mind. Their baby powder is a herb-based product that nourishes and moisturises the baby’s skin. Try this skin-friendly and safe powder to let the baby feel comfortable and relaxed. It also offers anti-microbial properties and can be used as a wound-healing agent.


If you love applying organic and natural products, Mamearth has launched a dermatologically-tested baby powder. Their cosmetic talc powder is 100% safe, natural, non-lung-clogging dusting powder. It keeps the skin rash-free and prevents dryness, itching, and irritation.

Get the best Talc powder – At Aravali Onyx

Aravali Minerals is the leading soapstone and dolomite supplier, providing the best quality talc powder to various industries. Many cosmetic talc powders are manufactured using quality soapstone talc from Aravali Onyx

If you are also looking for the best talc powder for your industry, get in touch with us.

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