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 Uses of Soapstone Powder in Various Industries

Uses of Soapstone Powder in Various Industries

You might be aware of the Uses of Soapstone powder in the cosmetic industry. But do you know how soapstone can be of great use in other industries? Interestingly, soapstone is gaining utmost attention in various industries such as plastic, paper, and much more. Read this complete blog to know the various uses of soapstone powder. Also, stay tuned to know how Aravali Onyx, a leading manufacturer of soapstone powder and other minerals can turn out to be a one-stop destination for exporting soapstone talc powder. 

Soapstone Powder in Other Industries 

1. Paint Industry

One of the best uses of soapstone powder is in the paint industry. It is used in the manufacturing of pigment pastes, decorative paints, enamels, industrial coating, putties, and various other materials in the paint industry. 

2. Plastic Industry

Plastic industry is yet another domain that is substantially increasing its soapstone usage. All thanks to its properties like inertness, thermal and electrical resistance, and high tensile strength, soapstone manages to provide a smooth texture to the plastic surface. It is also used in manufacturing thermosetting compounds like AMS, PVC, HDPE, PP, etc. 

Soapstone Uses in Plastic Industry

3. Cosmetic Industry

There’s no denying that soapstone is a gem for the cosmetic industry. Soapstone is widely used in talcum powders, soaps, washing powders, and detergents. Flavored talc powder is always high in demand in the cosmetic industry. Also, soapstone of good quality is also used in products including eyeshadows and blushers. Cosmetic-grade talc has always been of great use in the cosmetic industry. 

4. Rubber Industry

The best way to remove the stickiness of rubber is to use soapstone. Various rubber manufacturing industries admit to using soapstone as a lubricant in materials made up of rubber for the same reason.

5. Pharmaceutical Industry

Soapstone is used as fillers in ointments and tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, one should note the impurities concentration in the soapstone powder before making use. You should check out the best talc powder that is highly pure and bacteria-free from Aravali Onyx. 

6. Other Uses of Soapstone Powder(Talc)

Other than all the great applications of soapstone powder shared above, there are some other industries that make uses of soapstone powder. It is widely used in Toilet Soap manufacturing, Cosmetic industries in baby talc powder, textile industries, printing ink, Agricultural Industries, and pulses polishing industries, Detergent manufacturing, Pulses polishing, Textile, Printing Ink, Rubber industry, and more. 

Aravali Onyx – Manufacturer of Finest Soapstone Powder With Tested Quality

Keeping in mind the wide uses of soapstone powder, if you are looking for buying the best quality soapstone for your industry, you cannot stop at a place better than Aravali Onyx. Our products go through highly efficient quality testing procedures. Once the quality is tested and examined in-house by our manufacturing unit, the product is shipped to the client. Thus, soapstone powder at Aravali Onyx is assured of the highest quality with barely any customer complaints. You can further read, this blog which concludes that one can get the best quality soapstone talc powder only from Aravali Onyx in India. 

Our Grinding and Packaging Process

Our talc manufacturing and exporting unit has various important steps to be followed. Once the soapstone powder is obtained, it is ground and purified to pass the highest quality tests. Further, the powder is securely packed so that it can be perfectly stored and is then exported throughout the nation to different clients. Know more about some amazing facts about soapstone and our industry process, detailed in this blog

Get the Best Quality Soapstone Powder – Aravali Onyx

Aravali Onyx is a leading soapstone powder manufacturing company in India. We are reputed for our quality products and great packaging. Contact today to enquire.

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