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 Why Use Dolomite Powders in Your Garden?

Why Use Dolomite Powders in Your Garden?

Why dolomite powder is important for your garden? The answer to this question is based on several other questions Are you worried about the health of your soil? Is your soil at perfect pH? Do you ensure ideal nutrition for your plants? The right answer for all these queries land straight in the use of powder dolomite . Dolomite is an extremely important chemical compound for the health of your soil. To know how you can work on making your soil plant-friendly with the use of the best quality dolomite powder, read further the blog by Aravali Onyx.

Dolomite Powder & Dolomite Lime Minerals 

Dolomite is a type of limestone. This chemical compound is rich in carbonates of calcium and magnesium which makes it extremely beneficial for the health of soil and plants. Also, these compounds help in maintaining the pH balance of the soil. A perfect dolomite mixture should contain:

  • 8 to 12 percent of magnesium compound 
  • 18 to 22 percent of calcium compound 
  • The compound should contain sodium but not more than 0.2 percent

Why Dolomite is Effective To Use

The chemical composition of the dolomite compound is very helpful for soil and plant growth. Other than this, here are some of the reasons why one should use powder dolomite for their plant health.

  • Dolomite is used to maintain the pH value of soil. To start with it, you first need to perform a pH test of your soil. If the soil pH is 5.9 or below, using powder dolomite can help in uplifting the value by making the soil more alkaline.
  • Some plants require extra nutrients for healthy growth. Dolomite helps them grow better and stronger. 
  • Magnesium also acts as an acid neutralizer if your soil is too acidic thus making it plant-friendly.
Dolomite Powder Usage in Garden Area

Conditions When To Use Dolomite Powder

There are some basic conditions one should keep in mind while using dolomite. Though there’s no limitation, using powder dolomite during spring or fall is considered good for plant health. Check for rain and wind predictions and to minimise the washing off of the powder, choose a day that’s less windy and with no rain predictions. It’s good to use the powder before planting the seeds. 

Use Dolomite Before Planting?

Should I use dolomite powder before planting seeds is this a frequently asked question? Well, it’s good to use the powder before planting but sometimes using it just once might not be enough. You should use the powder before planting seeds and then you can add more as per the plant’s needs. 

How to Apply Dolomite

You would be wondering about the exact procedure of using dolomite. We have got you covered. Aravali Onyx has got you some simple and easy steps to perform while you apply dolomite to your soil.

Step 1: Perform a detailed lab test for your soil. You can also go for home test kits provided at various lab centres but going for a detailed test is always a smart choice.

Step 2: Purchase good-quality dolomite powder. Aravali Onyx is one of the topmost brands selling the best quality dolomite powder.

Step 3: Get ready with your garden! Remove all unnecessary plants and weeds and make the surface smoother.

Step 4: Use dolomite in the top seven inches of the soil. You should wear gloves and a mask for protection. 

Step 5: Water the soil so that it can absorb the nutrients well. Plant seeds only after two weeks of the treatment. 

Dolomite is not only beneficial for garden areas but the application of this powder is used in various industries. Know them in detail through this blog.

Get it From The Best- Aravali Onyx

Getting a premium quality dolomite powder for your garden might be a tough job. Well, Aravali Onyx has got it simplified for you! We are a leading onyx manufacturer who deals in supplying dolomite, soapstone, granite, and marble production and export. Our dolomite powder is made with high perfection keeping in mind the perfect proportion of chemicals. You can contact us for any bulk orders!

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