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 Stone of the Month- Pink Fantasy Onyx Marble

Stone of the Month- Pink Fantasy Onyx Marble

Do pink fantasy onyx marbles fascinate you? From rosa pink marbles to Aravali pink onyx, for home decor and designing, the color pink in onyx is in-trend since time. Among all, we have brought you the best and most cautiously fabricated, Pink Fantasy Onyx Marble which is the trending stone of this month. Explore more about the stone in this detailed blog and know where it is the best place to buy it from – Aravali Onyx. Know everything about the Aravali Onyx Stones here 

What is Pink Fantasy Onyx Marble?

Pink Fantasy is a highly trending pink-colored onyx marble in the industry these days. The blended shade of the marble is soothing to everyone’s eyes. Due to its brilliance, it is now becoming one of the most frequently bought onyx marbles available in the collection of the Aravali Onyx store. 

Specifications of Pink Fantasy Onyx

1. Color

The perfect blend of pink, cream, and pale green colors gives a perfect look to the Pink Fantasy onyx marble. The detailing of pink and creamish swirls over a pale green background makes it super attractive and modern. 

2. Texture of the Stone

The onyx marble comes with a smooth and shiny texture. If you are the one looking for elegant yet sophisticated tiles, Pink Fantasy marble is the best choice for you. This stone comes with the power to brighten up any space. 

3. Durability

As Onyx is a type of marble, it has an in-born tendency of being highly durable. A premium quality onyx stone is said to last even up to 100 years of age when used and maintained cautiously. With Pink Fantasy Onyx, you don’t need to worry about damages and repairs for long!

4. Finishing Surfaces

Finishing of onyx surfaces can be done by sealing them with a perfect impregnating sealer that is meant for porous surfaces. Onyx marble comes from a highly porous nature which is why one should consider the sealing option for it,  though it is not completely necessary.

5. Recommended usage

Interestingly, Pink Fantasy marble can be used both in commercial and domestic design and decorating. Its color is perfectly suited for usage in the living room and kitchen countertops as well as it can be used as a flooring choice for commercial areas.

Pink Fantasy Onyx Marble

Areas of Application

Pink Fantasy Onyx marble has wide areas of application. From the living room of your house to the staircase, this onyx marble will always leave you astonished with its glare and texture. Some of the best application areas include:

  • Pink Fantasy is best used for kitchen countertops. Its color makes your kitchen look more spacious and clean. 
  • How can one forget about vanity tops? While designing your sink and vanity area, one should not miss out on considering the appealing look that Pink Fantasy offers.
  • This stone is one of the highly preferred flooring choices in India and abroad. It will add a luxurious and modern look to your space. 
  • While designing one’s kitchen, one cannot stay away from decorating their backsplashes. You would wonder how Pink Fantasy onyx would suit the best for your kitchen backsplashes. 
  • Using Pink Fantasy for staircases can be one of the eminent uses of the stone. Its rich texture will never leave you with less. 
  • You can also use this onyx marble as tabletops at your place. Nonetheless, you are free to explore your choice of styling your home. You can experiment and figure out some other interesting places to use the stone.

Like Pink fantasy onyx, there are some other range of onyx stones available. Know everything about the luxurious and versatile Aravali Onyx Marbles, in this detailed blog on Aravali onyx marble uses.

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